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Perfect Fit Blinds Made To Measure

Thomas Sanderson’s bespoke and extensive range of perfect fit blinds have been designed with every style and taste in mind to enhance every home. As the UK’s leading window blinds specialist and manufacturer, our window blinds collection includes over a 1000 different colour, fabric and styling combinations to choose from. Every made-to-measure blind is individually handcrafted and installed to fit your window precisely.

perfect fit blinds

From contemporary, modern pleated blinds and chic metal venetians and rich wood stained venetians. As a very stylish alternative to net curtains our multi-layered Silhouette collection offers the functionality of a 3-in-1 blind, operating as a roller, venetian and sheer blind giving a bold and stunning effect to any room. All our window blinds offer you complete control of climate, light, shade and privacy throughout your house and come with a 5 Year Guarantee.

Perfect Fit Blinds For Your Home

Our stylish window blinds collection includes:

Pleated Blinds
Cafe Pleated Blinds
Twin Shade Blinds
Duette Blinds
Metal Venetians Blinds
Wooden Venetians Blinds
Silhouette Blinds
Facette Blinds

Pleated Window Blinds

pleated blindsPleated window blinds are a great style choice for any room in your home offering a simplistic style with great energy performance properties due to our unique solar reflective backing that keeps your rooms cool in summer by reflecting the sun’s heat and glare and warm in winter by retaining the heat. The concertina effect of pleated blinds also means that when retracted, it’s as though the blinds have completely disappeared.

Over 200 colour fabrics and styles to choose from.
Neat, stylish finish and very discreet and compact when retracted.
Superior sun glare and UV protection – preventing furnishings and fabrics from fading.
‘SolarTex’ solar reflective fabric treatment – which reflects the sun’s heat and glare in summer yet retains the warmth in winter.
Excellent energy performance and efficiency.
Rebate fit on windows using Thomas Sanderson’s unique ‘TecNeat’ fitting system.
Easy to operate manually or to motorise for automatic control.

Cafe Pleated Blinds

cafe pleated blindsCafe Pleated Blinds are the perfect choice for privacy. This ingenious design means that the Cafe Blinds are operated from the bottom of the wndow, instead of pulling down from the top. This allows you to cover the lower half of the window without blocking out all the light at the top. An ideal solution if you have windows that face out onto public places close by.

They share the same features and benefits of the Pleated Window Blinds above.

Duette Window Blinds

duette pleated blindsVery similar in appearance to pleated blinds, Duette window blinds have a double-layered honeycomb design that provides a functional and stunning window stylings solution for any room of your home. The hexagonal honeycomb fabric cell structure traps the air passing through it and consequently offer excellent energy performance properties, by reducing and reflecting the sun’s heat in the summer months and yet retaining the warmth in the winter months saving you money on your heating bills. They are the most thermally efficient blinds on the market. Duette window blinds come in a variety of width sizes 25, 32 and 64mm and are availabe as either manually tensioned, loop chain or fully motorised operation.

Most thermally efficient blinds available.
Offers up to 96% UV protection which prevents your fabrics and furnishings from fading.
Variety of width sizes 25, 32 and 64mm
Manually tensioned, loop chain or fully motorised operation.
Over 20 colour fabrics to chose from.
Extensive range of dim out fabrics available incorporating a milar foil or laminate coating.
Motorised or manual options to chose from.
Can be used in bay windows using ‘Bayline’ system.

TwinShade Window Blinds

literise twinshade window blindsTwinShade window blinds offer a ’2 in 1′ blind by incorporating two fabrics in one blind. During the day enjoy view through and privacy of a sheer blind and then change to an opaque or dim out fabric for the evening and night. TwinShade blinds are available in 25, 32 and 64mm Duette width size fabrics and 20 and 25mm for Pleated and Duette blind combinations. They offer the same excellent energy performance properties as the Duette range of window blinds.

Over 200 colour fabric combinations to choose from.
Unique ’2 in 1′ window blind offering a combination of fabrics.
Same excellent energy performance properties as the Duette window blinds.
Can be manually operated ( LiteRise ) or motorised and remote controlled ( PowerRise ).
TwinShade Window Blinds can be surface, flush or recess mounted.
Can be used in bay windows using ‘Bayline’ system.

Silhouette Window Blinds

silhouette window blindsSilhouette is one of the most innovative window blinds ever produced offering a ’3 in 1′ roller, sheer and venetian blind functionality with the privacy control of nets and curtains. The multi layered lightweight adjustable fabric louvres are suspended between two sheets of sheer fabric providing various adjustable degrees of light and privacy. Available in a multitude of fabric colours and sheer combinations and a choice of louvre size of either 50mm or 75mm. With regards to operation the Silhouette window blind can operated both manually ( Ultra Glide ) or motorised with remote control ( Powerise ) allowing you to tilt the louvres or retract the window blind at the touch of a button. All the fabrics are anti-static as well as dust and stain resistant.

A unque ’3 in 1′ roller, sheer and venetian blind functionality with the privacy control of nets and curtains.
Can be operated both manually ( Ultra Glide ) or motorised with remote control ( Powerise ).
Can be used in bay windows using Thomas Sanderson’s unique ‘Bayline’ system.
Comprehensive range of fabrics and colours to chose from.
Good ‘view through’ and sound reduction.
Easy to clean with either a feather duster, air canister or vacuum cleaner whilst cleaning the fabric is done with water.

Facette Window Blinds

facette window blindsAvailable in 17 different colours Facette fabric window blinds are a stylish alternative to traditional roller or venetian blinds unlike any other roller blind available. Woven from flameproof and anti-static 100% Trevira CS fabric the Facette window blind consists of two woven layers in open and closed segments which are connected to each other by connecting threads allowing loop cord control of light, shade and privacy. The two opaque and transparent strips form a double layered blind, which allows the front strip of the blind to move independently of the back. Choice of slat sizes of 7 or 14mm.

Available in 17 different fabric colours.
Good ‘view through’ with manual loop chain operation.
good sound reduction properties.
Anti-static 100% Trevira CS fabric ensures that the Facette blind remains dirt free for longer.
Excellent Colourfast fabrics.
Fabric stains are easy to clean with mild detergent.

Metal Venetian Blinds

metal venetian blindsOur metal venetian blinds provide a stylish contemporary look for any room in your home. The 25mm aluminium metal venetian slats come in a variety of metallic, matt and sparkling finishes with over 90 different colours to choose from. Our metal venetian blinds are designed to fit each individual window as opposed to covering a large expanse of glass. Metal venetian blinds offer superb light, shade, heat and privacy control in any room using the blinds tilt slider.

Over 90 metal venetian 25mm slat colours to chose from including metallic and matt finishes.
Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and where humidity and moisture can cause problems with other types of blinds.
Fits neatly into individual window panes – great for tilt and turn windows.
Screwless installation is possible using Thomas Sanderson’s unique ‘TecNeat’ fitting system.
Very easy to operate using the small ingenious tilt slider.
Fully adjustable light, shade, heat and privacy control.
Easy to clean using a damp cloth.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

wooden venetian blindsThe Thomas sanderson range of rich wood stained venetians offer the louvred feel of plantation window shutters yet offer the flexibility of modern blinds. Hand crafted from Basswood a superior quality hardwood which has very little grain and no knots and is therefore a great wood to paint or stain. Each wooden louvre is individually hecked for straightness, best grain pattern and colour uniformity

Hand crafted using the best quality hardwood – Basswood, with a high resistance to warping or twisting whilst maintaining all it’s beauty.
Over 50 painted and wood stains to chose from.
Wide range of different coloured tapes and cords.
Manual or remote controlled operated slats.
Easy to clean using a damp cloth.
50mm Louvres.

Unique Benefit to Our Customers !..

Another great benefit about installing Thomas Sanderson perfect fit blinds and windows shutters in newly installed uPVC windows is that your uPVC warranty will not be affected in any way. This includes all double glazing installers along with the major ones like Everest and Anglian Home Improvements. Not every window blind and shutter supplier can provide this unique benefit to it’s customers.

They are also an accredited member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) a trade association for all those who make, supply or fit flat glass, such as windows, film or plastics.


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